Evening Prayers

Short Prayer:


Lord, as the day draws to a close, I thank You for Your presence and protection. Help me to find rest in You and to prepare for the day ahead. In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.


Long Prayer:


Heavenly Father, as the sun sets and the evening begins, I come before You with a grateful heart, thanking You for Your presence and protection throughout this day. I ask that You would continue to watch over me and my loved ones as we settle into the night.

Help me to find rest and rejuvenation in Your embrace, letting go of the worries and stresses of the day. As I reflect on the events of today, show me any areas where I can grow or improve, and guide me in my pursuit of becoming more like You.

As I prepare for the day ahead, grant me the wisdom, strength, and courage to face whatever challenges and opportunities may come my way. May my thoughts, words, and actions continue to glorify Your name and reflect Your love to those around me.

In Your holy and precious name, I pray for a peaceful and restful evening. Amen.